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Casanova Furniture, a leading designer furniture retailer in the UAE, offers an exclusive furniture buying experience. The company aims to assist customers in expressing themselves through interior decoration, matching their personal styles and making their homes true oases of comfort. The comprehensive functionality of the FirstBIT ERP solution, offered and implemented by the First BIT Dubai branch, resolved numerous information management issues, significantly improving all aspects of the premium furniture retailer's operation.


The lack of structured and streamlined information flow caused multiple recurring problems in many areas of Casanova operation. With three showrooms selling made-to-order furniture that came from the manufacturer to the warehouse before reaching the point of sale, the company was in grave need of a powerful, modern information system:

  • there was no systemic method to trace product movement within the company;
  • inventory management was ineffective;
  • pre-ordered articles could not be automatically marked as such upon arrival in the warehouse, and sometimes a product long awaited by one client was unwittingly sold to another;
  • article availability in the warehouse was often unknown to the sales team;
  • same articles got mistakenly sold to multiple buyers (persistent problem);
  • articles “lost and found” in the warehouse got outdated and could be sold only for a lower price;
  • the lack of customer relations history caused many cases of lost business when a salesperson failed to make a follow-up contact.

Once the software was up and running, First BIT Dubai professionals instructed each member of the Casanova team on the correct and efficient use of the program, within their respective user rights scope.


The result of the FirstBIT ERP implementation has been complete automation of all business processes and a well-organized and optimized information flow. A decisive positive effect was achieved by introducing to the company operation entire sets of new functionality, such as:

  • easily recorded and readily accessible sales and CRM data;
  • a comprehensive smart pre-ordering system featuring item reservation at the pre-order stage and reserved status of an item traveling down the production chain. Now a reserved piece of furniture would be delivered from the manufacturer to the warehouse and appear as reserved all the way to the sales;
  • a robust inventory management system with minimum and maximum stock amount settings that trigger inventory order reminders;
  • an easy way to check the availability and location of any product with given parameters (configuration, color, etc.);
  • automated accounting tasks, including cash and bank transactions, revenues and expenses, mutual offsets, easy item cost calculation, and spreadsheet upload functionality;
  • HR and payroll functions such as automatic calculation of vacation pay and sales commission.


“I would like to say thank you to the First BIT company and its team, they have helped us to achieve most of our goals and get back on track. We hope to continue this collaboration for many years to come.”

- Farhad Nawrozzadeh, Casanova's owner and Managing Director

“After a year and a half of using the FirstBIT ERP solution, the management of Casanova is confident of the software's numerous advantages and describes working with First BIT as a positive and highly productive experience: “First BIT was the first partner we’ve worked with that understood exactly what we were trying to accomplish, and then they made it happen. Creating that flexibility and maintaining control at the same time was a matter of strategic importance to us. First BIT was the first IT company to work with us at this level. Theirs is a fantastic team I'd highly recommend!”

- Manager of FirstBIT ERP implementation project, Casanova team

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