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Partnership - First BIT Canada

At the core of our business model are the principles of Honesty and ‘Win-Win’ relationships. We believe that helping companies achieve their goals through mutual collaboration is the only way to ensure a successful, joint partnership.

Collaborating with your company, regardless of your size and scope, creates new opportunities for further technological advances. Together we can work to discover new opportunities for new products and services. For this reason, we at FirstBIT are open to any kind of potential collaboration; whether as a partner, distributor or reseller.

We define our partnership relationships in this fashion:


By using the abundant experience of our 4500+ professionals, we can deliver complex business automation projects and collaborate with your team to achieve total client satisfaction for a competitive price; as a result saving you money and allowing you to focus on your core business.

Please contact us with any suggestions or requests.


Merger or Acquisition deals can increase our mutual competitive viability and our visibility to new and current markets. By using our combined resources, we can accelerate the development of new IT solutions and more speedily promote them to new customers.

For any M&A request please contact us.


We have an open-door policy in terms of being a new product distributor. We ask ourselves - will the proposed product assist our customers to work more productively? We are quite prepared to train our staff on new software in order to adopt new third-party solutions quickly and effectively.

If you have a great product with a lot of potential, please contact us.

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