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Warehouse Management and Retail

We provide a range of IT products and services for the development of automated business solutions for trading companies. When it comes to delivering a comprehensive warehouse management system, we offer the kind of deployment that addresses your order fulfillment, warehousing, and distribution needs.

Our solutions provide:

  • The collection of data to analyze the movement of goods, turnover and profitability
  • The automatic control of shelf life of goods
  • Prompt analysis of seasonality and consumer preferences; and,
  • The service of customers in the sales area while taking into account the availability of goods in a warehouse store.

By setting up an automated warehouse management and retail solution you:

  • Significantly reduce the cost of overhead
  • Simplifying inventory, receiving and labeling
  • Allow to identify the goods for paying customers immediately
  • Automate the process of change in prices, discounts and promotions; and,
  • Increase trade while reducing queues.

At First BIT Canada, we also work to install anti-theft systems to help reduce theft in warehouses, cash registers and sales rooms. With the implementation of solutions for sales agents you will be enabled to remotely monitor employees - their routes, orders and execution plans.

Among our clients are such companies like Lise Watier and Epices de Cru.

Please follow this link to read success stories from our clients.

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