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Business Intelligence Consulting

First BIT is an authorized QlikView Solutions provider. QlikView is a Business Discovery platform created by QlikTech. QlikView is a Business Intelligence solution and has a unique technology that offers unparalleled analysis. It’s quick, flexible and easy to use. With just one click the client can obtain all the information needed to make business decisions.

The platform takes less then a month to implement. We can provide QlikView Connector with your systems to deliver the best BI data at an affordable price.

We deliver for:

  • Retail & Wholesale
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing

Retail and Wholesale

More than 1000 retail and wholesale organizations use QlikView BI to improve their business performance every day. The outstanding results are self-explanatory:

  • 96% customer satisfaction
  • 186% average return on investment; and,
  • 16% average sales increase.

You can view and analyze all parts of your business from the supplier network through to stock holding & turnover, staff costs, individual branch performances and rates of sale for each department or line. This will enable you to highlight key issues and act on them.

Regulatory compliance and the production of any BI report becomes easier with a QlikView adoption.

BI for Financial Companies

Financial companies are constantly looking for a means to reduce risk, increase margins and seize the competitive advantage. The powerful and simple QlikView BI tool guides superior decision-making and helps generate success.

Over 250 financial services firms, which include over half of the Fortune Global Top 25 operations, are using QlikView to enhance their organizational performance.

On average these firms are benefiting from:

  • 42% employee productivity rise
  • 21% revenue increase
  • 29% decrease in existing BI overhead; and,
  • 47% increase in business agility.

QlikView helps these organizations analyze customer data and seek ways to improve customer loyalty, as well as cross-selling and up-selling. Risk assessment is made more knowledgeable, and any dangerous exposures in the business are rapidly highlighted. Insurance companies are able to increase their underwriting and actuarial efficiency while back offices experience reduced operational costs, streamlined process, superior reporting and compliance.

BI for Intelligent Manufacturing

Now more than ever, manufacturing companies are adopting flexible business models and using real-time data to work smarter and make better decisions.

Harnessing the power of QlikView and the actionable business intelligence that it provides enables greater measurement of outcomes, minimized risk, avoid wasted resources, and improve a business’ agility by enabling you to practice demand-driven, intelligent manufacturing.

Over 2,000 manufacturing companies worldwide are now utilizing QlikView to enhance their performance and make profitable decisions in today’s highly competitive market. These companies have reported:

  • 51% less time taken to analyze information
  • 21% increase in cash flow
  • 33% increase in employees’ productivity; and,
  • 38% improvement in business agility.

Every aspect of manufacturing business- supply chain, R&D, the production process, distribution can be interrogated and reported using QlikView. You will be able to see the profitability of every line that you produce and it will aid you to identify and exploit potentially profitable growth markets.

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