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IP Telephony

At First BIT, we are able to deliver proactive and simple solutions to businesses. Our IP telephony system is fully integrated and unified to provide cost-efficiency as well as rich features and reliability.

Features of our IP Telephony Solution:

Distributed Architecture
Our IP Telephony platform is able to integrate various facets of communications into a single distributed architecture in order to provide a range of effective capabilities.

Call Control
A complete solution is created as each voice switch recognizes each application, service and all of its associated users and network interfaces.

All messages, account codes and Outlook integration are part of the core platform and are able to deploy across all sites.

Users have the ability to easily and effectively manage all messages, all communication as well as administer greeting and customized call routing preferences through the desktops or Smartphones through web browsers or iPhone.

No matter your enterprise needs for switching over to IP telephony, rest assured that First BIT will always let you reach your business goals quickly and efficiently.

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