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Managed Server

Availability without the effort

Your servers have to be up and running 24/7; but you also want your budget to go into revenue-focused projects. Is it possible to do both? With our Managed Servers you can do just that.

First BIT is a leading provider of managed server services for small, medium and enterprise level organizations with complex server needs. Whether you are looking for a custom built dedicated web servers, or multiserver configurations, our managed hosting experts are available to customize the right solution to meet your business needs.

First BIT works to take care of your server management on a daily basis. In turn, you get guaranteed and flexible performance with a fixed monthly cost that includes hardware, software and management.

Key Benefits

Knowing that each application has different infrastructure requirements, we offer a range of managed server solution. Anything from standardized, horizontally-scalable systems to more tailored, management server architectures.

We focus on reliable and responsive high-end server management and offer comprehensive managed services in the Linux and Windows environments.

To manage servers effectively you need the right technology. The right technology means that you have to spend money on buying, implementing and maintaining it. With our Managed Servers, you get the right technology and the expertise to back it up. At First BIT, we ensure to invest in the latest technology from leading vendors, while our team of experts execute best-in-class management strategies.

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