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IT Support

Outsourcing IT Support

At FirstBIT, we assist small, medium and fortune 500 companies in making the most out of their IT systems. Our team of top consultants, design and technical teams will give you unbiased advice as well as constant support on time and on budget. Reduce costs associated with internal IT staff; with FirstBIt, you can focus on ‘big picture’ solutions and strategies that matter most to your business.

With FirstBIT, you have the option of outsourcing a small part of your IT backup, or you can go the whole way and outsource full IT support.

What you will be getting with FirstBIT:

  • Top-quality support
  • Reliable advice
  • Guaranteed response time
  • A single documentation source
  • Helpful customer service
  • Trackable system with an audit trail; and,
  • A business-friendly approach.

Ready to outsource?

Consider that critical business functions become damaged when unreliable or unsuitable IT solutions are implemented. If staff from other departments are spending time discussing IT issues without expertise, you should consider outsourcing. IT skills are very specialized and non-IT employees simply don’t have the tools and knowledge to execute and deal with complex IT processes. Furthermore, Internal IT staff can lose track of technical developments, leaving them unable to execute and deliver the right IT functions. In order to cover these deficiencies you may have to spend time and money on costly consultations.

If these sound like your business challenges, we are happy to advice you on all of your IT support needs. For a discussion with a professional consultant, contact us today!

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