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Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications can Improve your Business in Big Way

Mobile marketing can have a big impact on your business – just think of all the customers who use iPhones, iPads, Blackberries and Androids.

Immediate, on-demand access to the web has become more important than ever in a world where convenience and the fastest ways to get to desired results are important to everyone. The ability for your customers to access your site from anywhere at any time to gain valuable information about your business is a responsibility for marketers who want their businesses to stay ahead of competition and remain Best-in-Class Performers.

Growth of Smartphone usage

The smartphone market is growing quickly: According to Forrester Research, 17 percent of US adults used smartphones in 2009, up from 11 percent in 2008 and 7 percent in the year 2007. Furthermore, one in three searches are conducted on a mobile phone, while mobile users outrank PC/Mac users 4 to 1. Furthermore, the average consumer spends only a few hours in front of their computer, while their mobile phone is on 24/7.

To stay on top of current business pulses and trends means having to adapt to the new mobile environment and create a presence that delivers relevancy to consumers.

Having a site that is available from a mobile platform and at the same time is user-friendly and accessible for mobile users is one of best ways to leverage presence in your market and stay ahead with those who are looking for you on the mobile web while on-the-go. When your content is accessible to large audiences, you will ensure not only that you get high traffic volumes, but also that this traffic will include buyers who are in the later stages of the buying cycle.

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