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Bitrix24 Corporate Portal Solution

Mobile CRM

Now the mobile app supports the full work cycle of the Bitrix24 CRM – from entering leads to working with deals and issuing invoices to the client. Now you can not only get information from the CRM via your phone or tablet, but also enter data and carry out all regular CRM operations.


Tasks now have counters which help bring them to the attention of users in a clear, consistent way. Dividing the task view by the user’s role in the task makes navigation simpler. These new tools help to ensure that tasks are not forgotten by users and allow managers a means to monitor task completion inside a given department.

Conference calls, video conferencing and screensharing

The new version allows voice and video calls to a small group of users. Screensharing can be engaged during video calls.

Creating & editing documents online

Working with documents without an installed office suite is now possible using Google Docs or Microsoft Office Web Apps. Now you can not only preview, but also modify documents of popular formats directly from the intranet. Additionally, you can collaboration on individual documents in real time – enter a change and it will be visible to colleagues and saved as they are working on the document themselves. Lastly, you can create documents online and share them instantly in tasks or in the Activity Stream.

New Activity Stream

The Activity Stream is now much more ‘active’, with the following new features:

  • Comments, likes, and voting are updated in real time!
  • Creation of events with a calendar interface directly inside the new post form, so any calendar event can be created from the Activity Stream.
  • The system records which users have read the announcement.
  • Any member of a discussion can add additional participants.
  • A star in the top right corner to mark favorites in the Activity Stream.

Company Pulse

The Company Pulse helps improve adoption and engagement among users in your company. You can see an overview of activity in the intranet in the regular view, broken down by types of activities, such as IM, tasks, mobile device, etc. The Pulse gives insight concerning what tools are well-adopted and how users are implementing the intranet into their work routine. You can follow the activity of a single user across the various tools of the intranet as well as the company on the whole.

Email connection

The intranet now has a “Mail” section where you can get an indication of new messages coming into your personal Gmail, Microsoft Exchange or other email system (based on IMAP). This indicator also has a link to open your mail client in a new tab.

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