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Bitrix Site Manager

New Product Interfaces

The administrative panels in the front end and the back end (Control Panel) have been redesigned to a stylish and, most importantly, intuitive interface, which is easy to use from the start. The new look supports touchscreens much more readily so tablet and mobile phone users can work more easily.

New Online Shop (new Turn-key Solution)

The new online shop is built on a redesigned turnkey solution with smart layouts, useful hits, more structured product categories, SKU options, flexibility to change pages, etc. New options are reserving items (lay-away), delivery or pick-up by the client, discount wizard, gadgets for the back-end, and more. The built-in Reports Wizard provides a snapshot of sales, revenue, clients, inventory, etc.

Improved Online Shop Management

The online shop's administrative section now has detail pages for products and sections (or categories), and for order forms. A range of functionality, some new, some improved, is now at your fingertips: individual list of properties for catalog section, discount builder, a new reservation system and other functions that customers are starting to expect from your online store. Appealing changes in Licensing Policy for all e-Commerce editions.

Rocket-Speed CDN and Powerful Cloud Backup

The CMS platform is integrated with a CDN (content delivery network) with free traffic delivery. This integration increases the page loading speed of the site by using content caching on CDN servers for further broadcast from the server nearest to the user. A new Cloud Backup feature now lets you create a reserve copy of the site in a cloud storage. This allows you to restore your site quickly in case your main server fails.

Bitrix D7 Kernel (ORM, Highload InfoBlocks)

The new Bitrix D7 Kernel allows a better structuring of data and a united interface for working with them. The Highload InfoBlocks module is created on the basis of ORM with support of NoSQL; it distributes load and allows rapid location of required data. A single class library where all categorizations of functions are located is now available as well. Minimal technical requirements are now PHP 5.3 and MySQL 5.0.

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