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FirstBIT Bon Appetit

This solution is perfect

  • For bartenders, waiters, cashiers, and administrators
  • In restaurants, cafes, sushi bars, fast food providers, dining rooms, and nightclubs
  • Anywhere where it is necessary to automate the service zone

Thanks to modular structure, the FirstBIT BonAppetit solution allows you to operate all departments of your catering company.

  • Kitchen (FirstBIT BonAppetit module: Monitor of the Chef)
  • Entertainment/Games Zone (FirstBIT BonAppetit module: Bowling, Billiards, and Game Zone)
  • Bonus/Discount System (FirstBIT BonAppetit module: Discount System)
  • Restaurant Menu Orders (FirstBIT BonAppetit delivery: E-Menu)

Workplace of the waiter

Automation of work with orders and tables

  • Authorizing waiter's work manually and with magnetic or contactless cards
  • Order transferring from one table to another
  • Booking tables and banquets
  • Dividing orders
  • Automatically blocking a workplace after a certain period of cash desk inaction
  • Connecting to a wide line of trade equipment

Workplace of a mobile waiter

Mobile application for waiter

  • Automating the waiter's work with a PIN code 
  • Receiving orders in a section of tables
  • Establishing the order of serving dishes
  • Viewing existing orders
  • Automatic transferring orders from the mobile device to the kitchen and cash desk

Workplace of a bartender/cashier 

Automation of fast sales at the cash desk

  • Fast sales without attachment to a certain table
  • Automated calculation of an order's total amount
  • Additional screen showing total cost of the order
  • Distributing dishes and drinks into categories

Workplace of an administrator 

Management of service personnel

  • Distribution of rights between users
  • Remote administration of cash desk workplaces, including – on the Internet

Management of sales

Controlling and reporting sales tasks

  • Multi companies accounting of sales and cash shifts
  • Managing inventory and listing products
  • Forming and verifying the menu
  • Controlling covers in the dining halls
  • Obtaining reports on work (for cafe, restaurant, or any chain of a public catering), including merging into joint chain

Monitor of the chef

Allows reviewing orders sent to the kitchen

  • Informing of new orders
  • Recording and controlling the release of prepared dishes
  • Managing the execution sequence of orders
  • Controlling preparation and service times
  • Notifying the waiter when the order is ready

Discount system

Organizes non-cash system of payment (possibility of bonus program creation for both separate restaurants and restaurant chains)

  • Automating a system of "card on the entrance" for aqua parks, clubs, entertaining centers, and similar institutions
  • Implementing diverse schemes for corporate staff lunches and meals in employee canteens and business centers; payment by voucher, write-off from the deposit, etc.

Bowling and Billiards

Automates the game room (billiards, bowling)

  • Creates rates for different types of tables ("pool", "the Russian billiards" etc.)  
  • Displays the list of tables in billiards and paths in bowling and indicates rates
  • Lists personal discount cards, specifies the size of discounts 
  • Specifies game cost both in advance payment (when time is over, the light above the table switches off), and on results of used time (calculation of the price based on amount of time
  • Arranges tables/paths on the graphic scheme of the hall
  • Creates a report, based on earnings, table’s usage, and online operations (in the form of tables or schedules)

Game zone

Automates slot machine halls in children entertainment centers

  • Replaces of tokens or cash by plastic cards with a magnetic strip
  • Specifies a price for each game depending on time of day, days of the week, the certain time \period ("happy hours") etc.
  • Details statistics in reports on usage of gaming equipment, operations on cash desk, etc.

E-menu module (Mobile application)

Automates clients’ orders by means of the electronic menu

  • Registers the order entered by client through tablet computers (Motorola Xoom, Archos 101, Samsung Tab 10.1, Apple iPad, etc. on operational Android 3.0 system above and iOS)
  • Details information about a dish (caloric content, ingredients, etc.)

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