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FirstBIT MarketShareCRM

FirstBIT MarketShareCRM is designed to provide sales reps. with immediate access to all relevant information pertaining to leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities and closed business.

If you’re striving to work with a platform that ensures that prospect and customer information is continuously updated with readily available stats. and figures as well as includes information about presentations, spreadsheets and corporate documents, FirstBIT MarketShareCRM can work to empower your sales team.

There is nothing that makes a customer feel better than knowing you are with them every step of the way, responding to their demands in a timely fashion. FirstBIT MarketShareCRM allows sales to quickly respond to prospect and customer demands as a result of keeping record of conversations, activities and account histories.

FirstBIT MarketShareCRM centralizes all data concerning customer interaction and makes this data readily available for customer support. In return, support can better respond to customer demands with relevant and accurate information.

When your sales reps. have direct access to all information and analytics pertaining to prospects and customers, they are able to initiate conversations to target specific needs and facilitate the process of meeting those needs. FirstBIT MarketShareCRM creates faster sales cycles by virtue of holding accurate and relevant information.

FirstBIT MarketShareCRM is also a scalable solution. You may require features like stronger analytics, or you may even require integration with other platforms - FirstBIT MarketShareCRM adapts to your ever-evolving business changes.

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