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Customized Solutions

Implementation of FirstBIT Solutions

Going live with FirstBIT products

Going live with FirstBIT products means launching solutions that are precisely adaptable to your business needs. We understand that as your business grows and operational processes undergo constant change, a software solution that is both flexible and scalable is necessary to meet business goals. This is why the automation process is so important; tedious repetitive tasks have to be replaced with automated processes in order for you to focus on ‘big picture’ solutions and business strategies.

Installation and setting up of programs.

We can help with setting up user interfaces, rights, and (if needed) transferring data from Microsoft Excel or any other program to your new system.

We are available to respond to these implementation solutions or configurations at the initial stage (immediately after installation), or when later processes develop and change.


We offer full support and consultation on any type of implementation as well as full training of your in-house staff.


If you are interested in one of our ready-to-use solutions, but want it custom-tailored, we can work to develop an automated program specially-designed for your business.

Process of customization involves:

  • Discussion of your needs to ensure we are on the same page
  • Design list of requirements
  • Presentation of budget and time frames
  • Creation of solution; and,
  • Demonstration of solution.

With 15 years of systems implementation experience, FirstBIT understands the value of setting up and implementing the right program for any business. No two organizations are alike and we work to customized the approach with professionalism, best practices and high quality automation processes.

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