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FirstBIT ERP, a highly versatile, integrated and adaptable ERP system, increases your business efficiency by offering a wide range of management tools to decision makers as well as facilitating the daily activities.

With FirstBIT ERP, easily customized to match your company's accounting and management practices, you will be able to react more confidently to daily challenges and focus your energies on your expertise and your business.


  • Built-in highly scalable nature, starting from a wide range of analysis tools: from generating a quotation to getting a customer order, closing the deal by issuing a sales confirmation and invoicing, right through to developing a shipping order and generating a packing list.
  • Not only generates different documents and reports, but proactively develops a task list and work progress real-time monitoring system for workers and management to keep track of the status, to avoid any missing follow-ups.


It can help you improve your relationships with key clients.

Specifically, you will be able to:

  • Maintain a complete history of all customer interactions
  • Analyse your investments in sales and marketing
  • Monitor the use of funds allocated for marketing activities
  • Plan sales and customer service, as well as the control of execution of such plans
  • Standardise the documents and enable the process of reliable operational and analytical information


This module supports a variety of inventory transaction options, such as:

  • Regular purchases
  • Purchases by dependent entities
  • Consignment storage
  • Receiving of raw materials for processing
  • Standardise the documents and enable the process of reliable operational and analytical information

It also calculates the expenses for purchasing raw materials, components, and finished goods: and all the costs involved with delivery, unloading, and storage. FirstBIT ERP can suggest in each case the supplier that will be most beneficial based on their prices, deadlines, and delivery options.


This module facilitates inventory accounting (including unfinished and finished goods) for multiple retail stores and warehouses. It provides detailed accounting by warehouse racks, cells, shelves, or shop stalls.

All inventory transactions, including receipt, transfer, and reconciliation, are recorded as documents. Choose from a variety of measurement units, including single packages, transit boxes, and more.


The application supports GAAP and IFRS accounting and reporting standards and provides full visibility of purchasing and sales transactions. FirstBIT ERP enables efficient management of payments, receipts, and bank transactions.


This module will allow you to approve financial requests.

  • No delays caused by the lack of the time to approve requests
  • Financial processes work smoothly
  • You can do your work anywhere - the solution is optimized for mobile devices


The module provides budget planning in the context of twelve analytics (Period, Scenario, Cost centre, etc).

As a result you will:

  • Increase financial efficiency
  • Properly forecast cash shortages
  • Maximise profitability
  • Make financial activities transparent
  • Create all your budgets on time


Our solution gives you the tools you need for efficient production planning: it will automatically calculate the cost value of your parts, the direct and indirect production costs (using your choice of method) and the total finished goods.


Flexible reporting functions built into the FirstBIT ERP Payroll and HR Management application provide managers and HR professionals with the tools to carry out comprehensive analysis of data on personnel, and payroll calculation.

Not enough? The powerful universal reports engine is ready to help you.

Want to know more about other First BIT Solutions? Read about FirstBIT DispatchMax.

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