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FirstBIT Catch

What is BIT:Mobile

FirstBIT Catch is the new generation sales automation app targeted at sales managers, field reps and merchandisers. Specifically designed for smart phones and tablets, FirstBIT Catch software is intuitive and incredibly easy to use.

The app ensures all members of your sales team are kept up-to-date with each other’s activities, as well as allowing you to respond instantly to your customers’ needs. For your reps out in the field, the system supports real-time calculation and analysis of all data relating to orders, stock levels, point-of-sales marketing, route-planning, timings and much more. The system can be fully automated with your back office operations and also includes a powerful reporting and analytics tool that will provide you with a complete up-to-the-minute picture of your sales activities.

FirstBIT Catch increases your revenue by:

  • Enabling faster real-time communication and synchronization.
  • Increasing flexibility and transparency across all your sales operations.
  • Giving you the accurate up-to-date information you need to stay ahead of the game.


Why BIT:Mobile

What puts FirstBIT Catch ahead of the competition?

  • FirstBIT Catch harnesses the latest cloud technology to boost performance and flexibility and dramatically cut time-to-market.
  • FirstBIT Catch is highly user-friendly and intuitive. Our interface is easy to use for both sales reps and managers.
  • FirstBIT Catch is fully flexible. The application is easy to integrate with any IT system and it doesn’t require the installation of any particular ERP or CRM application. We believe our customers should be free to select the SFA software of their choice without being obliged to change their existing IT platform.
  • FirstBIT Catch provides a high quality SFA solution at a very competitive price. We don’t require our customers to pay for licenses or maintenance contracts for the basic software package, cutting costs considerably.
  • FirstBIT Catch translates transactional data into an easy-to-understand information resource thus providing a reliable basis for swift, responsive decision-making.

To find out more please see FirstBIT Catch brochure.

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