Bitrix 24 Self-Hosted

Scalable and enterprise ready

Bitrix24 on premise editions are ideal for organizations ranging from 50 to 50,000 employees in size. Bitrix24 Enterprise comes with a web clustering module, meaning you can easily scale up from a small trial to a company wide implementation, build high availability failover enterprise portals or deploy independent intranets for each branch, department or subsidiary in your company.

Bitrix 24 Scalable and enterprise ready
  • Low requirements
  • Role based access rights
  • LDAP and Active Directory support
  • SSO (NTLM, custom)
  • Scalable web cluster application
  • Independent centrally managed intranets for multiple divisions, branches or departments
  • Performance monitor
  • Web cluster visual configuration tool
  • Mobile ready
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Hosting Bitrix24 on your own servers gives you full control over your data and who can access it. Data transfer for all users is carried out via an SSL-encrypted connection with a 256-bit key. All popular two factor authorization methods are supported.

  • Two factor authorization. HOTP (HMAC-Based One-Time Password Algorithm, RFC4226) and TOTP(Time-based One-time Password Algorithm, RFC6238). Token or smartphone app
  • Bitrix OTP, WinAuth, Google Authenticator, FreeOTP
  • LDAP and Active Directory support
  • SSL
  • RSA encryption
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Custom backup rules
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Bitrix 24 Secure

Private cloud

Can’t use Skype, Slack, Dropbox, Salesforce and other cloud only solutions inside your organization? With self hosted Bitrix24 you get your own private cloud suite that is fully under your control. In addition to that, you get access to Helpdesk, Idea Management and eLearning modules that aren’t available to cloud Bitrix24 users.

Bitrix 24 Private cloud
  • Video conferencing
  • PBX (via VoxImplant cloud server)
  • Document management
  • Bitrix24.Drive
  • Desktop app with document sync
  • CRM
  • HRIS
  • Task and project management
  • Instant messenger, XMPP server
  • Helpdesk (not in cloud plans)
  • eLearning (not in cloud plans)
  • Idea management (not in cloud plans)
  • iOS & Android apps
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Customization/ Integration

Because self hosted Bitrix24 editions give you direct access to the source code, it is fully customizable. API and SDK documentation help you integrate Bitrix24 with other services that are critical to your business.

  • Supplied in source code (unobfuscated)
  • Built-in full-featured CMS
  • Powerful backend
  • Corporate identity (logo, brand colors, etc)
  • API, SDK
  • Add your own modules, apps, bots
  • Localization module – translate Bitrix24 into any language
  • Classic and social portal templates
  • Native integrations with MS Exchange, Office 365, MS SharePoint lists
  • SOAP web services
  • Easy to integrate with any ERP
  • Bitrix24 framework
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Bitrix 24 Customization/Integration