MyDaycare Plus

MyDaycare Plus is the most efficient and user-friendly solution for child care centres on the market.

Bitrix 24 Communications

"The all-in-one daycare app with parent messaging, daily reports, check in and more. It's childcare management made simple."


Children records

Personal data, parents, medical data, allergies, rates and schedules.

Attendance records

Keeping attendance, attendance sheets, reports, analysis.

Flexible billing

Three levels of billing rates, billing of extra-curricular classes.


Reminders, attach any file, export to any format, activity logs, incidents.

Employee records

Personal details, important dates, schedules, payroll data.


Weekly, bi-weekly. Optional integration with the security systems.


52/26/12 pay periods, full time, part time. Flexible and powerful.

Expenditure management

Recurring transactions, suppliers.


Profitability analysis, reports, returns. Optional integration with Accounting Software.

Automatic emails

Send by email: account statements, receipts and incidents.


Invoices and payments, analysis reports. Create your personal reports.

iPAD, iPhone, Android

Your management system at your fingertips.